Immigration Policy and Trump’s Presidency: How it Affects You

The United States’ immigration policies have been in a constant flux since the 45th President of the United States took office. President Trump has changed, or has attempted to change, many of the policies created by the Obama administration and it is sending rippling effects for immigrants all over the nation. Because of this, let’s […]

How a Divorce Attorney Can Help You

It’s funny-when you get married, filling out the paperwork seems to be…easier. There isn’t nearly as much to discuss or debate. But getting a divorce is a different story. That’s why it’s advisable for anyone going through a divorce to hire a divorce attorney. A divorce attorney can help you navigate the legalities of divorce, […]

Don’t Face Court Without a Deportation Attorney

Unfortunately, when immigrants are facing deportation in federal immigration court, they are not afforded the right to an attorney. Many think that because they have been in the U.S. for several years and they haven’t broken laws that they don’t need a lawyer. Others tend to think that because they offer a sympathetic story the […]

A Texas DWI Attorney Describes a Unique DWI Case

At the Law Offices of Rios & Parada, we are well versed in Texas mandates concerning driving while intoxicated (DWI), and we have experience working with many unique DWI cases. No matter how many challenging and – in some instances – unconventional situations we have addressed, however, there are some DWI cases that are so […]

A Personal Injury Attorney Fights for Justice

A personal injury attorney works hand in hand with clients to ensure that justice is served. At the Law Offices of Rios & Parada, we are driven by the core belief that every human life has inherent value and that no one should be forced to suffer due to the carelessness of someone else. We […]

Avoid Removal from the U.S. with a Deportation Attorney

Deportation is a constant threat to those who live under uncertain legal status in the United States. Having this threat looming over you can cause a high level of anxiety. This affects not only you, but your family as well. However, there’s good news. A deportation attorney can provide the best solution to this problem […]

How an Immigration Attorney Can Secure Your Future

Choosing to be represented by an immigration attorney in El Paso can be one of the most important decisions that you make. This legal support will be what helps drive a loved one’s or your immigration case, regardless of the outcome. It can also be used to help you reach your legal status. Are you […]

Talk to a Personal Injury Attorney Before Settling

Have you suffered from an injury? You should speak with a personal injury attorney before agreeing to settle your case. Often times, people who suffer personal injuries end up with less compensation than they deserve. This is often a result of settling too soon or settling without negotiating the best possible deal. An attorney at The Law […]

An Immigration Attorney Knows What Option is Best for You

  An immigration attorney can help you if you want to sponsor a family member who is hoping to become a permanent resident. It can also help when becoming a U.S. citizen. Family members can sponsor other close relatives. This can help them immigrate permanently to the U.S. A family-based visa is one of several different […]

What You Should Know When Contacting a Divorce Attorney

A divorce attorney can help you through the dissolution of your marriage. Ending a marital union can be stressful and complicated, but there are ways to try to make the process easier, reduce costs associated with divorce, and maximize the chances of ending up happy with your divorce settlement. Working with an experienced lawyer, like […]

If You Suffered a Dog Bite, an Attorney Can Help

A dog bite attorney in El Paso can help you to understand the legal options you have for recovering compensation if a dog attacked you or your child. The Law Offices of Rios & Parada, P.L.L.C., understand that is can be both emotionally and physically traumatic event. Our personal injury lawyers want to sit down […]