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Need assistance filing a waiver? Waivers of inadmissibility are common if you are applying for a permanent visa or when facing deportation or removal proceedings. You can apply for a waiver if you are ineligible for a visa due to certain situations or crimes. The use of a waiver is also applicable in cases of removal proceedings and/or deportation.

At The Law Offices of Rios and Parada, P.L.L.C., our immigration lawyers have extensive knowledge pertaining to every detail of the process. We successfully provide our clients with competent and reliable legal representation. We understand the legal deportation process and the proceedings of immigration court. You can be going before an immigration judge for the first time or your case is at the Board of Immigration Appeals. Either way, the legal immigration process is intricate and intimidating. Through this strong legal foundation, we can focus our legal efforts on building your deportation defense. You can sleep easy at night knowing that our law offices will dedicate our time and effort to resolving your case.

Waivers of Inadmissibility

212(h) Waiver

Usually, you are at risk for deportation or removal proceedings if you have an uncertain legal status. However, it is not uncommon that a lawful permanent resident is placed in removal proceedings due to certain violations. Depending on the status of your case, you may need help applying for a stand-alone 212(h) waiver which is needed to waive the application of certain crimes such as:

  • crimes involving moral turpitude
  • prostitution
  • commercial vice
  • possession of 30 grams or less of marijuana
  • multiple criminal convictions
  • other criminal offenses

212(c) Waiver

You can also be placed in removal proceedings due to criminal activity, even as a legal permanent resident.  You may seek a waiver depending upon the type of crime you committed and the date of your conviction. This type of waiver is known as a 212(c) waiver. An immigration judge will consider certain factors in their decision, such as:

  • family relationships that exist in the United States
  • the length of residence
  • property ownership
  • business ties
  • value and service to the community
  • the nature of your criminal record
  • evidence of moral character

Immigration Lawyers to Help with Waivers of Inadmissibility

If you are dealing with waivers of inadmissibility, an immigration lawyer with experience and knowledge is your best chance. Applying and constructing an argument to validate your need for a waiver is the job of immigration lawyers. We can handle all the paperwork to ensure it is accurate and ready for submission. For more information on waivers and other immigration services, contact our offices today. Find reliable legal help you can count on.