A Personal Injury Attorney Committed to You

Involvement in an accident that is not your fault is a traumatic and harrowing ordeal. The resulting injuries can be expensive and life changing. This only adds to the stress brought on by the initial accident. The main question you need to ask yourself is this: why should you pay for someone else’s mistake? By hiring a personal injury attorney after your accident, you can stop feeling  like a victim. It’s easier to recognize that you are a person who suffered an unfair accident and is looking for accountability from those responsible. The personal injury attorneys at The Law Offices of Rios & Parada, P.L.L.C., can help you begin the process of your claim. We fight tenaciously for your legal right to compensation for any physical and psychological trauma that you have been subjected to. Our law firm has a commitment to helping you get your life back after a serious accident.

Personal Injury Services

There are thousands of people who are hurt each year as a result of someone else’s negligent behavior. Whether your injury was a result of a car accident, dog bite, or work accident, a personal injury attorney can help you get back on your feet. While no amount of money will erase the trauma of what happened, it can help manage the financial burdens your accident can result in.

Our service areas include:

Accidents and Expenses Come Hand in Hand

A serious accident is a life changing event and your needs may change depending on the severity of your or your loved one’s’ injuries. Time off of work can mean lost wages, which directly affect your living and medical situation. If you required a lot of medical attention or continued medical treatment as a result of your injury, that results in large hospital and medical bills. Depending on where and what type of accident you were involved in, you may have to deal with property damage. These are expenses a personal injury attorney at The Law Offices of Rios & Parada, P.L.L.C. can help you identify during the preparation phase of your claim. Why pay out of pocket, stretching your budget and adding to your stress when your injury wasn’t your fault? You should not have to. Contact us today to get the right legal help for your case.