What is a Slip and Fall accident?

A slip and fall accident falls under premises liability law. This happens when a person slips or trips on someone else’s property, resulting in an injury. Whether the accident occurs indoors or outdoors, a slip and fall accident can result in a personal injury claim. Slip and fall injuries can result in minor or major injuries. These can include broken bones, head trauma, and deep cuts. The victim must prove that the accident is the result of negligence by the property owner or an employer. That is the only way an accident can qualify as a personal injury claim.

Proving Your Claim: An Overview

Each slip and fall claim is different. However, they boil down to one thing. The claim must prove that the  dangerous condition was known to the property owner and they failed to fix it. Conditions such as unsteady flooring, dangerous items left out, and uneven stairs can all lead to a personal injury claim against a property owner or employer.

Premises liability covers a wide range of conditions and situations. However,  for your accident to qualify as a slip and fall accident, you must be able to prove that:

  • The condition presents an unreasonable risk to a person on the property
  • The condition is one that the victim could not have anticipated and taken steps to avoid

A personal injury slip and fall claim can be filed against a personal or commercial property owner, a renter, an employer, or any party that is responsible for the property the incident took place on. If you suffered an injury on government property, there are many more things to consider. However, regardless of where you suffered your accident, your best chance is to talk to a lawyer. This way, you know exactly what your options are.

Dedicated and Determined Attorneys are Waiting for You

The personal injury attorneys at Law Offices of Rios & Parada, P.L.L.C., have experience dealing with all types of slip and fall accidents in the El Paso area. Our attorneys know that in order for our clients to receive the maximum compensation they deserve, their case must be approached with dedication and hard work. An injury sustained in a slip and fall accident can result in pain, medical bills, lost wages, and emotional trauma. You deserve to know that our attorneys are here to help you get what you deserve. Contact our offices today to begin compiling the evidence you need to make your case.